MAN-IMAL is a a pioneer programme offering degree courses on the “One World, One Health” initiative, carried by OMS, FAO and OIE.

If you want to know exactly what it is, I suggest you to go to or check the animation created for this purpose.

I’ve been working for six years for this programme, as a graphic designer and here I will quickly explain the context, my main working process and I will finish with some project samples.


So, at MAN – IMAL, we were creating courses. And by “we”, I mean the MAN-IMAL team, composed of several professional skills such as pedagogical engineers, education and studies assistants, audiovisual manager, community manager, multimedia integrator, graphic designers, coordinator and many teachers researchers.

In short, it’s a team work.

For my part, because I have to talk a little about me, I was mainly working with the pedagogical engineers and the researchers, for the pedagogical projects part.

(I’ve worked with everyone in fact, for web designing, communication, or administration documents and procedures, but it’s not the funniest part to talk here, so don’t hesitate to ask about it during an interview)

Here are my 4 basic steps for the projects:

  • A teacher/researcher works on the content with a pedagogical engineer, set the objectives etc.
  • When the content is in a good shape, I create some illustrations and discuss about some complex parts.
  • Then there’s the production phase, where we create the illustrations and animations and putting them in a simple way with the text content.
  • Finally, the final product is published, depending on the project objectives.

My main working process

I must precise, “my main working process for animation” in fact, because I’ll not explain every single steps going from text to screen passing by the storyboard.

Vectorial illustration, created on Adobe Illustrator

Imported in Adobe After Effects and animated

Then integrated in the whole animation

And so, I arrived with a certain amount of illustrations, that I’ve used for several things.

Here are some of them.

Work samples