The communication part mixes the two previous sections. we create different supports for the programme communcation and the special events, like flyers, posters, brochures, videos, animations and articles on the website.

The programme communication consists in underlining the particularities of the formations but also in promoting the ‘’human aspect’’ by presenting the different professors-researchers and the teaching techniques (example ‘’One Min, One researcher’’ below).


The basic package contains brochures for companies (internships), students and posters for postulations opening. Then comes the website which gathers information on the programme, procedures for international students and other useful contents.

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1min 1researcher

It consists in presenting the actors of the formations, in their educational aspect as well as scientific research
(it’s normally followed by a filmed interview, not showed on this footage).

Several projects for the same purpose are realised, but I’m not necessarily taking part in every one of them.


Seminars and conferences are organised to talk about problematic focused on human, animal health and alimentation.They gather speakers from international organisations (like OIE or FAO for example).


We generally create posters and flyers, articles and video summaries with interviews.