Teaching modules

The teaching modules or e-learning, are the purpose of the projects realised by the team.
They include several types of contents, diagrams, graphics, texts, as well as animations (like most of the different following examples)

Procedure #1: The animations are built around the teacher’s text (voice-over)

UEO University of Angers

MAN-IMAL participated and constructed various ‘’optionals teaching units’’ (UEO) for the faculty of medicine of Angers.

This UEO are optionals modules which students have to choose every semester (1st year). The objective is to provide them an other vision and knowledges, linked to the medecine but still different.

Procedure #2: The texts are analysed to detect the illustrations that can support the speech

The MAN-IMAL modules are everytime related to the human health, animal health and food processing.

Procedure #3: Most of the illustrations are created on Adobe Illustrator, to be imported under Adobe After effects, to keep the vectorial aspect and be able to change their size without a quality loss

Educational films

Some projects mixing videos and animation illustrate various industries and are realised with the audiovisual manager.
These videos have to explain clearly and simply the prodecures of some activities such as the cattle industry.

Here the animation can be used as a general map, illustrating the different stages and the progression between them. Videos and animations are linked and complement each other, animation taking part on technical or sensitive manipulations which can not be filmed.

Procedure #4: The items animations are created independently, then gathered in compositions to be synchronised according to the audio part

Procedure #5: The final composition is comparable to a Russian doll, with differents compositions with inside them other compositions, that can make the file complicated. Organize the workspace and the file library is one of the key aspects to the achevement of this type of project