One of my main task in the MAN-IMAL programme was to create various illustrations.

Mainly for pedagogical purposes, in different supports :

fixed images

animations (see 2/3)


The goal of the final product, is to adapt scientific contents and make it easier to understand and assimilate.

So here are some illustrations samples. And at the bottom of the page, some quick examples of pedagogical illustrations

(I’m not allowed to show projects in totality because of the fact that they are on several plateforms with many contents… ^^ )


Characters samples

Food samples

Buildings and tools

Animals samples

History samples

(for the example just below)

Powerpoints samples

(Mainly used for classrooms, with a lot of datas, statistics, maps etc. Few examples because it’s not so much interesting, but it was a part of my job and sometimes it was a  struggle to manage all the content)


(We try to diversify the content, vidéos, images, text, animations, and by adding some interactions sometimes. The goal is to keep the attention of the viewer. Here click on the right or the left side of the image to go forward or backward.)

Illustrations samples

(The pedagogical illustrations (not every) are meant to leave the reader with enough clear informations without knowing the global context)