Quick overview

14th June 2020

Bored from covid

14th June 2020

Inktober 2019

5th December 2019

MAN-IMAL training programme

16th November 2019

Anatomy 3D (logo concept and animation)

20th February 2019

Various illustrations 2

1st January 2019

Inktober 2018

7th November 2018

Fun Mooc – Maladie de Parkinson

1st October 2018

Cetres CHU Nantes (Video)

19th September 2018

Amaru – Gate of the Gods (music and illustrations)

7th August 2018

Un gendre Ideal ! (theater)

12th December 2017

What is Man-Imal (promotion video)

26th September 2017

Montfort sur Meu (animation)

5th January 2017

M.E.M 2016 Angers (Animation)

30th June 2016

Miou Zik All Location (Musical theater)

23rd May 2016

Mandy Santy (Tapestry weaving and decorative items)

19th May 2016

Home Sweet Home

18th July 2015

Emilie (Tapestry maker for furniture)

30th June 2015

Project Earth (sci-fi matte paintings)

23rd March 2015

Les P’tites Gourmandises (pastries and snacks)

15th September 2014

Various illustrations

21st March 2014

The Butler (wall stickers)

25th July 2013

Ice-Pop (T-shirt)

28th June 2012

Insomnia (video game community)

4th April 2012

The Cheese

20th March 2012

Grim Fandango (poster)

8th March 2012

Various matte paintings

5th July 2011

595 FLF (video game community)

28th April 2010

Rock-On (animation)

1st September 2009